1914 BSA Standard pattern - serial number S77814 - caliber .22

1914 BSA Standard pattern air rifle. Double safety sear model. Serial number ā€˜Sā€™ 77814. The small number 2 under the serial number denotes .22 calibre. Overall length 45". 1 hole trigger block. Complete and in very good condition - 98% metal and stock. Cast trigger guard with adjusting screw. Full 141/4ā€ pistol grip walnut stock with hand cut checkering and wooden butt plug with flat spring and two screws. Very clear gold etching on cylinder THE BSA STANDARD, AIR RIFLE .22 BORE, (with piled arms trademark between text) THE BIRMINGHAM SMALL ARMS CO. LTD., SOLE MAKER. Number 21b aperture sight with 3 aperture holes fitted on wood above pistol grip, stamped PAT 26943-07. Normal rear sight is stamped - RD460163. Late pattern breech plug with small peg and locating index plunger. Side button release lever but not marked with the patent number (Patent 25783/10). Very wide shaped smooth trigger. Stamped PAT.30338/10 (double sear) above serial number on left side of trigger block. Stamped RD 479972 under the barrel. Piled arms trademark and 2 LOAD behind rear sight. Tap plate marked PATENT 8246/06. Underlever marked BSA PATENTS 8761-04, 25783789, RD 479972. Stamped under the barrel close to pivot point with 829T which corresponds with the number on the hidden end of the loading tap. Presumed to be one of the earlier etched giant standard models. New pair of mainsprings and new piston washer set. Very smooth, powerful and accurate. ExWO&C
Made Jan-July 1914 and despatched Jan 1914-March 1915.